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Create your very own specialized toy for your scene. Have you had a idea about an existing kink related product you’ve always wanted to have built?   These can be one-of-kind or a “one-offs” that nobody else has, and we won’t sell it to our other customers.

Or partner with us, and make money selling your products!

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Description not only produces our regular product line, we also can create Custom Kink Toys for our customers. Got an idea about an kinky toy you'd love?  Been looking for a manufacturer that will produce a toy or an improvement on a existing toy, made only for you!

Send us your ideas, photos and drawings of the toy you'd like built. Then we'll get more information about the project, and provide a price. Custom Kink Toys are not for regular sale, these are specifically for you and we won't sell them. Want a icon, or logo on your kink toys? We can brand or imprint your design upon almost any spreader bar, stocks, paddle, bat or almost anything you can dream up.

As with most of our Custom Kink Toys creations we'll need a few weeks to complete, then shipping time on top of that. We'll send you the shipping information and price, once we receive all of your custom requirements.

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Custom Kink Toys

Custom Kink Toys
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